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Urho3D 1.31 Release

Source code

File releases at SourceForge


  • Extensive build system improvements, especially for using Urho3D as a library in an external project.
  • LuaJIT support.
  • Improved Lua bindings, Lua coroutine support, automatic loading of compiled Lua scripts (.luc) if they exist.
  • HDR rendering, 3D textures, height fog and several new post process shaders.
  • Shader refactoring. Need for XML shader descriptions & ShaderCompiler tool removed.
  • Reflection / refraction rendering support.
  • 2D drawable components: StaticSprite2D, AnimatedSprite2D, ParticleEmitter2D.
  • ToolTip & MessageBox UI elements. UI logic improvements.
  • Optimized text rendering + dynamic population of font textures for improved batching.
  • AngelScript DelayedExecute for free functions, and event handling for any script object, not just ScriptInstances
  • Editor: added grid, toolbar, camera view presets, camera orbit, mouse wheel zoom, multiple viewports and orthographic camera.
  • Borderless window mode, possibility to change application icon.
  • SDL GameController support, raw key codes support.
  • Optimized shadow rendering on mobile devices. Low quality mode avoids dependent texture reads.
  • HttpRequest class runs in a background thread to avoid blocking.
  • Compressed package file support using the LZ4 library.
  • Cone parameters in SoundSource3D for directional attenuation.
  • Variant GetPtr() safety refactoring. Uses WeakPtr to store RefCounted subclasses. Use GetVoidPtr() to store unsafe arbitrary pointers.
  • Improved work queue completion events. Work items are now RefCounted to allow persisting them as necessary.
  • Allow to disable automatic execution of AngelScript & Lua from the engine console.
  • Added shader variations, for example ambient occlusion texture and better emissive color support.
  • Added examples.
  • Update SDL to 2.0.1
  • Update AngelScript to 2.28.1.
  • Update FreeType to 2.5.0.
  • Fix partial texture updates, both Direct3D9 & OpenGL.
  • Fix long-standing audio click bug.
  • Fix kinematic rigidbodies to apply impulses correctly to dynamic bodies.
  • Plus many more improvements and bugfixes.

New Urho3D File Release System

As Google Code no longer allows new upload of binary packages and GitHub pages or repositories are not convenient for them, all our future release of binary packages and snapshot build artifacts from Travis CI will be uploaded to sourceforge.net/projects/urho3d. The packages for Urho3D releases will be in their respective release folder. While those snapshot packages will always be available in ‘Snapshots’ folder to indicate that they are auto generated by CI build without human QA, so users who download them should manage their expectation on the quality or stability of the binaries in the package.

Urho3D new discussion forum opened
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Urho3D user CarloMaker generously set up a phpbb-based forum at urho3d.prophpbb.com. This is the recommended place for Urho3D related discussions from this point on. The old Google group is still available as well but is being phased out.

Unity3D to Urho3D Exporter
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Josh Engebretson of ThunderBeast Games posted on the Urho3D group of their inhouse game engine, which combines Urho3D and Cocos2d-x and imports Unity3D content.

Here’s an image and a video of the work in progress.


Urho3D New Website

Welcome to Urho3D new website!

Old old-site.png

New new-site.png

Extending Ninja Snow War (Team Play)
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Reposted from Urho3D forum post made by Raster Ron.



  • Players w/ Friendly AI (VS) Enemy AI (Blue/Green vs Red)
  • Team Scoring
  • Demo Chat Integration (“/” key) with Live Game Stats (kill/killed/joined/left)
  • Round Timer (experimental)
  • Text 2D Player/AI IDs with team color
  • Random AI ID/Name

Remake of Codename: Outbreak
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Reposted from Urho3D forum post made by Владимир Побединскийi (Vladimir).


Vladimir is the project leader, animator and programmer. The team has only two programmers. This project is not a commercial game. They are doing it for experience and fun.

Urho3D 1.3 Release

Source code


  • Lua scripting support.
  • Optional build as a single external library, static or dynamic.
  • Raspberry Pi support.
  • 64-bit build support.
  • HTTP client using the Civetweb library.
  • Enhanced CMake build scripts. Android build also uses CMake. Use out-of-source build on platform that supports it.
  • Rendering performance optimizations, optional StaticModelGroup component for culling and lighting several objects as one unit.
  • A set of sample applications implemented in C++, AngelScript and Lua.
  • Automatic Node/component handle member variable serialization for AngelScript script objects.
  • New UI theme.
  • Shadow & stroke effects in Text & Text3D.
  • Boolean shader uniforms.
  • Quick menu in the editor.
  • Material editor and preview in the editor.
  • Editable attributes for particle emitters.
  • Components are grouped into categories in the editor.
  • Update SDL to stable 2.0.0 release.
  • Several other improvements and bugfixes.

Urho3D 1.23 Release

Source code


  • UI editing support in the editor.
  • Undo/redo in the editor.
  • Recast/Detour library integration for navigation mesh generation and pathfinding.
  • Open Asset Import Library update, enables FBX file support.
  • “Is Enabled” attribute in scene nodes and components for an uniform mechanism to temporarily disable unneeded audiovisual, physics or logic objects.
  • Script object public variables editing and serialization.
  • New components: Text3D and Sprite.
  • UI library functionality improvements.
  • sRGB texture and framebuffer support.
  • Switched to GLEW library for OpenGL extension handling.
  • Vegetation and lightmapping example shaders.
  • Engine configuration through a parameter map.
  • Lots of refactoring, code cleanup and bugfixes.

Urho3D 1.22 Release

Source code


  • Configurable render path replaces hardcoded forward/prepass/deferred modes. Render path system also used for postprocessing now.
  • Threaded task priorities; long-running tasks (more than one frame) can coexist with the time-critical tasks.
  • Possibility to use also RGB normal maps.
  • CustomGeometry component, which allows geometry to be defined similarly to OpenGL immediate mode.
  • Elapsed time shader parameter for material animation.
  • Cubic environment mapping example shaders.
  • Separate physics collision start & end events.
  • Visual Studio 2012, Eclipse & Xcode build support.
  • Many bugfixes, including iOS 6 orientation & shadow mapping bugfixes, skinning on some Android devices.