ResourceCache.h File Reference
#include "../Container/HashSet.h"
#include "../Container/List.h"
#include "../Core/Mutex.h"
#include "../IO/File.h"
#include "../Resource/Resource.h"
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struct  Urho3D::ResourceGroup
 Container of resources with specific type. More...
class  Urho3D::ResourceRouter
 Optional resource request processor. Can deny requests, re-route resource file names, or perform other processing per request. More...
class  Urho3D::ResourceCache
 Resource cache subsystem. Loads resources on demand and stores them for later access. More...


enum  Urho3D::ResourceRequest { RESOURCE_CHECKEXISTS = 0, RESOURCE_GETFILE = 1 }
 Resource request types.


void Urho3D::RegisterResourceLibrary (Context *context)
 Register Resource library subsystems and objects.


static const unsigned Urho3D::PRIORITY_LAST = 0xffffffff
 Sets to priority so that a package or file is pushed to the end of the vector.